Week 4 Vocabulary

1. Mass How much matter is in something. (similar to weight)
2. Volume The amount of space something takes up.
3. Density How much stuff is packed into a certain area. Mass/Volume = Density
4. Meniscus The curved top of a liquid in a graduated cylinder.
5. Displacement How much a liquid moves because something is added to it.
6. Immerse To place an object in a liquid until it is completely covered.
7. Weight A measurement of the force of gravity on an object that has mass.
8. Apparatus The equipment or materials for a specific use or job.
9. SI Unit A System of physical units adopted for International use. Meters-length, Kilograms-mass, and Liters-volume. (There are many more)
10. Length The measurement of an object or space from end to end.


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