Spiral Notebook

Your spiral is very important in class this year.
You will have to have it, along with all of your
other materials in class each and everyday!!!!

You must have a 3 subject spiral!!!!!!!!
A one subject will not work!!!!!
If you cannot find 3 get a 5. I would rather you
have too much paper than not enough.

I strongly recomend getting the Mead 5 star-
with a plastic cover, because this notebook must
last all year long and have enough room
for all of the notes we take.
The 120 page spirals are simply not big enough.

Your spiral much be set up correctly and kept
caught up at all times!!

Click here to set up your spiral.

Click here to see what you will be
graded on for the 1st six weeks.

You should also have week 6 and your Physics notes.



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