Mrs. Parris'
Rules and Procedures
Information Sheet /Copy of Rules for spiral

1) RESPECT the teacher, other students, and materials in your science classroom.

2) BRING ALL of your materials everyday!!!!

3) BE ON TIME!!!!!!

4) NEVER touch anything on the teacher's desk without permission. Students should never be behind the teacher's desk.

5) NEVER place papers on the teacher's desk, or hand papers to the teacher while she is at her desk or in the hall. All papers that touch the teacher's desk are sucked into a black hole, never to be seen again. Please use your class period in basket.

6) NEVER hand the teacher any paperswhile in the hallway or otherwise occupied. ...

7) NO PEN!! You may use pencils, or mechanical pencils only!!

8) You may NOT go into the lab unless directed to do so by your teacher. You may NEVER be in the lab between class periods!!!

9) Students are not allowed in the storeroom for any reason!

10) Labs are a PRIVILAGE not a right!

11) GUM…if I see it, hear it, or even know you have it you will loose it! Unless you hide it well, you risk loosing the privilege.

12) Take care of all personal business (such as water, restrooms, lockers etc.) BEFORE arriving in my class!

13) DO NOT hang out by my door in between classes.

14) Place materials not being used under your table or chair to avoid tripping.


16) You may use supplies located in the drawers labeled by table. These supplies are located there for your use. Don't use supplies from the teacher's desk without asking first!

17) At the end of class you should wait for direction from you teacher before packing up your supplies. Never assume we are done with class!!

18) At the end of class pick up all trash in your area and throw it away! (Even if you did not put it there)

19) The TEACHER releases you at the end of class, NOT THE BELL !!!

20) Our spiral is our textbook this year, so it is imerative that your child make sure that they have their materials daily.

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