Glencoe 8th Grade Science

The link below will take you to the Texas science Grade 8 Glencoe textbook that our district adopted. We are currently trying to move away from using the textbook as our only resource, therefore we are mainly using it as just one of our resources and trying to pull in many other things into our classrooms to help our students grasp the concepts that we need to teach them. The Glencoe site has several things that might be of assistance to students. It has Weblinks, interactive tutor, and web quests (some of which we might try to use during class). It also has the complete textbook online, and TEKS correlations. You will need to use The login information that I put on this page in order to get to the complete text, including the glossary for vocabulalry.

1. Go to Glenocoe Website

2. Click on Online Student Edition - Full version, and use information below

Login: TXG08 (The 08 is a number)

Password: cR8Buh5swA

3 Double click on the following items: First Contents in Brief, then Table of Contents, Student resources, and last English Glossary. .

(Don't forget you can also look in the actual chapter to find the words also if the glossary won't open for some reason. )


Click on the following link to go to Glencoe Science


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