Mrs. Parris

I was born on December 18th, 1969 in Carlsbad, New Mexico, to
John and Jerry Sue Bigelow.

I was a competitive swimmer for years. I swam in Maastricht, Holland in 1996, came home with 3 medals, and was on the cover of Swimming World Magazine (with a bunch of other people!) I also played golf my senior year in high school. I spent my summers working as a lifeguard from the age of 15.

I graduated from Carlsbad High School in 1988.

I started college at University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, NM in 1988 and attended school there for two and half years. I was member of Chi Omega Fraternity.

In 1991, I transferred to Eastern New Mexico University in Portales, NM and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education in 1994.

During the summers of 1991-1993 and a little time in 1994, I was working at Typhoon Lagoon, at Walt Disney World, in Orlando, Florida. I was a lifeguard. I started working there through a college program that I started at UNM.
(Yes, it is the happiest place on Earth!!)

During the summer of 1994 I taught summer school in Carlsbad while looking for a full time Teaching position and got a dog (a Shih-tzu) that I named Jasmine.
I started teaching in Odessa in the fall of 1994 at Hays Elementary. I spent one year in 6th grade and 1 year in 2nd grade.
(This is where I met Mr. Parris)

Mr. Parris and I got married on July 6, 1996 in Carlsbad. Then we traveled to Cozumel, Mexico and spent our honeymoon scuba diving in the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

I have three step sons. Paul, Adam, and Caleb.
(No, I am not an evil stepmother!)

I transferred to Ector Junior High in the fall of 1996 and started teaching 8th grade science and have been here since then. This is my eighteenth year at Ector.

My daughter Jessica was born on June 30, 1998. She is incredibly smart and musically talented, and my pride and joy.
She did her first singing solo in front of 500 people at age 5.
She is also a great Dancer, She does tap, jazz, ballet, and hiphop, and is a member of the Main Attraction dance team at TLDS!!
She competes in both singing and dancing.
I am not biased or anything! Can you tell?
She is in the 10th grade this year.

My Three sons!!
Paul and his wife Audra, are finished with college and have two little boys and another little boy on the way!!! My middle son Adam and his wife Nikki are also out of college and have a little girl. Caleb and his wife Ashley are in college and have two little girls!!
(Yes I'm a Grandma!! 5 TIMES!!! , almost 6!!!!:)

My Pets
We currently have 3 dogs. Tinkerbell the Malshi, Melody the shitzu, and Belle the border collie. I also have african cichlids (fish)

My Hobbies

Camping - picture of our trailer

Star gazing - our telescope

Working on Pond- Picture of Pond
(this is my old pond, I plan to put in one at the new house)

Kayaking- Picture of Kayak

Reading- Mostly Murder Mysteries

Beading - Picture

Creating Web Site!!
(I think this one takes the most time!)

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